Watch How Ready at Dawn Created Victorian London for The Order: 1886

March 15, 2015Written by Zarmena Khan

Despite mixed reviews, many critics have appreciated The Order: 1886 for its presentation and in-game world. Ready at Dawn has now released the video above, showing how the team created an alternative take on Victorian London in the game. Writing on the PlayStation blog, Creative Director Ru Weerasuriya said that no other setting would have suited the game as well as the Victorian era, and that the team used real world techniques from photography and cinematography. 

This was truly a massive undertaking. From the lenses we recreated in our engine to emulate actual physical glass, to stage lighting that replicated the “thickness” of the atmosphere around us, all of these aspects formed the foundation of the visuals we wanted to deliver. This is in many ways why we had waited until PS4 to start working on this game. We needed this platform to do justice to the goals we had set for ourselves.

Weerasuriya went on to say that Ready at Dawn was “motivated and humbled” by the feedback it received on the game’s visuals since its very first reveal. He also thanked fans for their support. 

The Order: 1886 is available for the PlayStation 4. You can read our review of the game here.

[Source: PlayStation]