Techland Patches Dying Light Weapon-Duplication Exploit, Players Find Their Way Around It

March 15, 2015Written by Zarmena Khan

Techland recently patched out an exploit in Dying Light whereby players could duplicate weapons as much as they wanted, and then sell them for cash. However, it looks like people have found a way to perform the same trick again. 

YouTube user Uber Lurker posted the video above, showing how it’s done post patch. He also posted the following instructions with the video:


Grappling Hook
Ultimate Combatant Power Level 24 Skill
Flat vertical wall or surface without any ridges


1. Find any flat surface or wall where you can grapple but not hang on.
2. Move your hook reticle/crosshair upwards up to half or less of the maximum grappling distance. This is just for safety purposes so you don’t die upon hitting the ground.
3. Grapple up then right after the grappling animation ends, press the Attack button (R2 on PS4) while falling down. You should see your equipped weapon being thrown away.
4. Use the grappling hook button again anywhere. There should be an extra hovering weapon in your screen.
5. To collect the duplicated weapons, grapple towards any surface you can’t latch on. This works well on liquid surfaces as you only have a few seconds to pick up the items.


1. Your game will glitch out after using the grappling with the extra hovering weapon. Take a nap or go to a new map to release it.
2. The items disappear quickly so a maxed out power level helps out.
3. Your co-op buddies can’t pick up your duplicated items.
4. This should also theoretically work on the Xbox One and PC.
5. You can throw away any weapon you have including guns AND use them as a projectile. It’s a beautiful sight when a zombie’s face gets smashed in with your rifle.
6. Finally, the best thing about this glitch, you can now wield Mjolnir and be the god of thunder!

The video is taken from the PlayStation 4 version of the game, but users are reporting that the exploit can be performed on other platforms as well. 

Dying Light is available for the PS4, Xbox One, Windows and Linux.

[Source: Uber Lurker (YouTube) via Kotaku]