Battlefield Hardline Live Action Trailer Gives You a 360° Look at a Heist

March 16, 2015Written by Alex Co

In a press release, EA has rolled out a Battlefield Hardline live action trailer just in time for the game’s launch. It shows a group of criminals robbing a bank, but with the added twist of “seeing” it happen first-hand.

It starts off in the bank, followed by a gunfight and ends with a high speed chase. Here’s the official trailer description from EA:

Ever wanted to experience a bank heist filmed in a revolutionary 360 degree perspective – seen from the loot’s perspective? Yeah, we had a hunch. Now you can – thanks to the tech wizards over at Kogeto and their professional-grade panoramic camera Jō. Fans of Battlefield Hardline surely will feel right at home in this interactive vid, dubbed “The Heist”.

So what does this mean to you? You’ll be thrown right into the action, controlling what the loot “sees” as the robbers are pulling off their bank job. You can pause, rewind, and replay the clip to see things you might have missed the first time.

I’m just happy that real life bank robbers aren’t as quick to draw their weapons and fire at police as the guys shown above. 

Are you picking up Battlefield Hardline when it launches tomorrow? Don’t forget to check back in a few hours (specifically at 12:01 am ET) for our verdict on Visceral Games’ debut game in the shooter franchise.