Battlefield Hardline Review Embargo Lifts at 12:01am ET, European Servers Activate on March 19

March 16, 2015Written by Jason Dunning


Just like us, EA and Visceral put up their own Everything You Need to Know about Battlefield Hardline post, with their focus placed on server details, when the review embargo lifts, and more.

For those reviews, the embargo lifts tonight at 9:01pm PT/12:01am ET, though they note that reviews may take a little longer to come out:

For a game with a deep multiplayer experience like Battlefield Hardline, the reviews process for media outlets can be complex. Servers are not populated enough to generate the true launch experience you as fans are used to having when the game is live, especially when you have 64-player modes that are core to the experience. We have held private events around the world for many outlets so they can begin testing (about 12-15 hours), and provided retail copies so reviewers could play through the single player campaign from home and begin testing multiplayer in the live environment. However, because the game is not available yet, it may be hard for those reviewers to find full game lobbies, though we are trying to coordinate as much as possible.

While everyone in North America, South America, Asia (general), and Russia will be able to play Hardline online tomorrow at launch for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, the servers in Europe and Japan won’t go live until March 19.

Here’s a detailed list of times when the servers go live:


If you’re a Battlefield rookie, Visceral suggests playing through the single player first, then jumping into Hotwire and choosing the Operator class.

Should you encounter any issues with Hardline, head over to the official forums.

Will you be getting Battlefield Hardline this week? You can check out our official review right here.

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