Destiny Xur Location and Items for March 20, 2015 Revealed

March 20, 2015Written by Mack Ashworth


It is finally Friday, which means that it’s time for another Destiny Xur location and item post here on PlayStation LifeStyle.

This weekend, players can pick up the Hard Light auto rifle with its bouncy projectiles. Heavy Ammo Synthesis returns, and should be grabbed by those looking to take on the harder Strikes and Raids.

Don’t forget that, as per the recent patch, Exotic Engrams will now always be available from Xur during the weekend. For 23 Motes of Light, you can try your luck with the Cryptarch.

For this week, Xur – Agent of the Nine can be found opposite the Speaker in Tower North. 


In other Destiny news, the game’s next update is looking to fix some of the Raid issues, increase Vault space, tweak audio and visual settings, and more. You should also have a gander at what Bungie has planned for the future of PVP. 

Join us again next Friday for details on Xur’s location in the Tower and his Exotic supplies.