Dying Light Devs Answer Questions on Twitter, Explain that Dying Light 2 is “Far Off,” Focusing on DLC

March 23, 2015Written by Mark Labbe


Earlier today, Techland opened up for a quick Q&A session about Dying Light on Twitter, and while a lot of their answers were somewhat vague, their response to a possible sequel was not.

When asked if a Dying Light 2 is in the works, Techland responded by saying that it is still “far off,” as the Dying Light team is focusing on creating DLC for the first game. Techland also mentioned in another tweet that both free and paid DLC will be released.

It looks like one of the pieces of DLC that will come out might feature silencers for your guns. While Techland didn’t confirm this when asked about it, the company did say that “it’s on our to do list.” What that actually means has yet to be seen, but silencers would be awfully useful when trying to stealthy take out zombies from a distance.

What do you think of the Q&A session? Are looking forward to any upcoming Dying Light DLC, which Techland has promised will include new maps, modes, quests, and more?

[Source: Dying Light (Twitter)]