Battlefield 4 Spring Update Will Add New Game Mode, Weapons Crate

March 27, 2015Written by Jason Dunning


With the Winter Update behind us, DICE is now looking towards the next few months in Battlefield 4, which includes the Spring Update and further developments to the Community Map Project.

So far in the Community Map Project, fans have chosen a jungle high-level setting, with the top Points of Interest being a waterfall, temple ruins, and ghost town. For the next poll going live next week, DICE will reveal some concepts in which they’ll combine the high level framework, setting (jungle), and several of the top voted for Points of Interests. It’ll then be up to fans to decide on which concept to put into production.

Set for launch in late May, the Battlefield 4 Spring Update will add Gun Master as a game mode:

In this mode, the goal is to earn kills with a set of pre-determined weapons, using one weapon at a time. When getting enough kills with one weapon, the player moves on to the next level and weapon. This continues until players reach the thrilling end round, where a Gun Master can be crowned by getting the final kill.

Additionally, the Weapons Crate will contain five weapons new for Battlefield 4, including a classic lever-action rifle and a fan-favorite Russian assault rifle from a previous Battlefield game.

All the weapons in Battlefield 4 have also received a balance pass to make firefights as fair as possible. Here’s an example of the different effects your weapon has on different ranges:


You can learn more about the balance pass over here.

[Source: Battlelog]