OlliOlli 2 Now Played by Over a Million Players Globally

March 27, 2015Written by Alex Co


It seems Roll7’s latest game — OlliOlli 2 — is once again a success, with the game now played by over one million players worldwide.

According to Hegarty, this huge stat is helped considerably by the fact that it was one of PlayStation Plus’ free games this month.

Having the opportunity to place OlliOlli 2 in PlayStation Plus is huge boost for a small studio like ours, we’ve been able to take our user base from the tens of thousands to well over a million…That kind of exposure wouldn’t be possible without the promotion that we get from PS Plus. With this new user base we’ll be well positioned to promote Not A Hero when it comes to PlayStation later this year.

Free or not, over a million players have played the game, and that’s still something, right?

You can check out our review of OlliOlli 2 here in case you want to read up on it before downloading.

[Source: MCV]