Evolve Update 2.0.6 Now Live on Consoles, Read the Changes Now

May 1, 2015Written by Alex Co


Turtle Rock’s multiplayer shooter Evolve has once again gotten a patch, and this one brings with it a host of new tweaks, and the chance for PlayStation 4 and PC players to play Parnell on the new, free maps after 8 p.m. PT today.

So, without further ado, here’s the complete list of changes for this Evolve update:


New Maps

· Broken Hill mine and Broken Hill Foundry are now available on PS4 and PC. (The micropatch unlocks them)


o Toxic Grenade

—Removed slow effect from Hunters (and the crowd goes wild!!!!!)

o Multifire Rocket Launcher

—200% more accurate for long range destruction!

o Shrapnel Grenades

—Increased proximity detonation radius to help vs airborne targets

o Heal Burst

—Increased self heal by 50%

o Spore Cloud Launcher

—Radius decreased 20% (this does not change the visual effect however)

o Mininuke

—Increased proximity detonation radius to help vs airborne targets

o Shield Drone

—Hit points of the drone decreased by 40% (easier to destroy)

o Jetpack Booster

—Provides 50% less thrust boost on jetpack dodges


Melee Stamina
o Goliath, Kraken and Wraith melee stamina auto fill time now set to 3 seconds (was quicker before but varied per monster)

Armor Regeneration
o Starts six seconds after damage taken (was 10). This helps make the armor regeneration perk more responsive.

o Lightning Strike

—Moves at a constant speed (used to move faster on the far plane initially, then slow down)


Damage Bonus (M & H)
o Reduced to 5%, 7.5% and 10% (was 7.5, 10, 15)

Armor Regeneration (M)
o Increased to 50%, 75%, 100% (was 25, 38, 50)

Cooldown Reduction (M)
o Decreased to 10%, 15%, and 20% (was 15, 23,30)

Movement Speed (M & H)
o Increased to 15%, 20% and 25% (was 10, 15, 20)

Stamina Bonus (M)
o Reduced to 20%, 30%, 40% (was 25, 35, 50)

Climb Speed (M)
o Increased to 50% (was 30)

Reload Speed (H)
o Decreased to 15%, 20%, 25% (was 15, 2, 30)

Jump Height (H)
o Increased to 300% (was 200)


Armadon Bull
o Hunter and Monster damage reduction now 25% (was 35%)

Crowbill Sloth
o Hunter and Monster damage bonus now 25% (was 35%)

Mammoth Bird
o Monster Ability cooldown now 35% (was 50%)

o Monster Pounce damage bonus now 50% (was 100%)

o Hunter class special cooldown reduction now 35% (was 50%)

o Hunter jetpack recharge bonus now 150% (was 200%)

o Monster traversal stamina bonus now 50% (was 100%)

o Monster duration reduced to 2 minutes (was 5)

o Hunter duration reduced to 3 minutes (was 5)

o Hunter health regeneration rate reduced by 20%


Armadon Bull
o Health increased 33%

o Health increased 25%

o Speed increased 38%

Canyon Strider
o Speed increased 38%

o Health increased 40%

Crowbill Sloth
o Health increased 34%

Mammoth Bird
o Health increased 70%

o Speed increased 30%

Marsh Strider
o Speed increased 38%

o Health increased 34%

o Health increased 34%

Obsidian Grub
o Health increased by 100%

o Health increased by 150%

o Speed increased by 23%

o Health increased by 150%

o Speed increased by 15%

o Health increased by 37%

o Health increased by 190%

o Speed increased by 15%


Tuned requirements for more consistent XP awarded between characters
o Hyde increased requirements for RPS Beast

—420 to 520 damage

o Hyde increased requirements for Noxious

—425 to 525 damage

o Griffin decreased requirements for Close Quarters

—670 to 630 damage

o Val decreased requirements for Quick Fix

—2500 to 2000 health

o Torvald increased requirements for Obliterated

—1100 to 1800 damage

o Torvald increased requirements for A Thousand Cuts

—4 to 5 hits

o Crow increased requirements for Stop Motion

—from 10 seconds to slow for 12 seconds

o Sunny increased requirements for Power Aid

—from 6 seconds to boost for 24 seconds


Reduced the requirements for the following masteries
o Skilled Tongue Grab

—Grab 10 creatures with tongue grab

— Was 30 creatures

o Skilled Shrapnel Grenade

—Allow 160 Bonus Damage (from weak spots)

— Was Allow 1000 Bonus Damage

o Skilled Rock Wall

—Deal 5500 damage with the wall

— Was 8000 damage

o Skilled Fissure

—Deal 13000 damage

— Was 22000

o Skilled Jetpack Boost

o Boost Jetpacks for 60 second
Was 120 seconds

o Skilled Leech Gun

—Do 20000 Damage

— Was 30000 Damage

o Expert Spore Cloud Launcher

—Keep the Monster in smoke for 5 seconds (20 times)

— Was 20 seconds

o Expert Shield Drone

—Shield 19000 total damage

— Was 35000 damage

o Expert Jetpack Boost

o Boost Jetpacks in combat for 50 seconds

—Was 120 seconds

o Expert Tongue Grab

—Grab Hunters 25 times

— Was 50 times

o Expert Lava Bomb

—Hit multiple creatures 20 times

— Was 50 times

o Expert Healing Drone

—Revive 10 teammates with a Healing Drone

— Was 50 teammates

o Elite Shield Drone

—Shield 2000 damage in a single round 20 times

— Was 3000 damage

o Elite Healing Drone

—Heal 20 teammates from 80 meters away

— Was from 100 meters

o Elite Tongue Grab

—Grab Hunters in mid-air 30 times

— Was 175 times

o Elite Fissure

—Deal damage to multiple Hunters 30 times

— Was 100 times

o Elite Spore Cloud Launcher

—Smoke Revive 10 teammates

— Was 50 teammates

Increased the requirements for the following masteries
o Expert Rock Wall

—Trap a creature between the wall and you 60 times

— Was 30 times

o Expert Leech Gun

o Generate 100 heal bursts (when 50% or more of the heal burst cooldown charge was generated with the leeching gun

—Was 50 bursts

o Elite Stasis Gun

—Enable the team to do 110000 damage while the monster is slowed

— Was 15000 damage

o Elite Lava Bomb

—HIt multiple Hunters 100 times

— Was 50 times

Whew! That’s a lot of changes, no? Have you checked out Evolve yet and is the community still thriving?

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