Arrested Development’s “Tobias Fünke” Was Once Hired to Bring Jokes to Destiny

July 3, 2015Written by Mark Labbe

Tobias Funke David Cross

David Cross, who is best known for playing Arrested Development‘s Tobias Fünke, was once hired to bring some jokes to Destiny.

Apparently, he and comedian Brian Posehn were brought in to the Bungie studio to help give Peter Dinklage’s character, Ghost, some jokes to say. However, none of the comedians’ jokes were used in the game, and during an interview with IGN, Cross explained that “it’s a shame,” because Destiny‘s script is “boring as s***”.

It’s a shame because I’ve played Destiny quite a bit. When it came out I was way into it and way excited about it, and when you’re at hour 20 of that thing, it’s like the Ghost is kind of monotone saying this thing, ‘We must get over the ridge. That’s the Cabal – we’ve got to defeat him.’

Whatever, it’s boring as s***, and I speak for myself and Brian, and I know thousands if not millions of other gamers would be like ‘It would be nice to have a joke or something in there.’

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[Source: IGN via Eurogamer]