Horizon Zero Dawn is a Single Player Game With “Certain Social Features,” Art Director Says

July 9, 2015Written by Jason Dunning

Announced at E3 2015, Guerrilla Games’ PlayStation 4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn is a single player game at its core, but there will be “certain social features in there” as well, Studio Art Director Jan-Bart van Beek revealed in an interview with GamesRadar.

While van Beek didn’t expand on the social features of Horizon, he did talk about the full open world, which doesn’t feature any loading between areas. “The whole world is explorable. Every mountaintop is accessible, every river you can go through, every valley, and this [demo] is basically one of many valleys,” he said.

Set a thousand years after the collapse of modern civilization, Zero Dawn’s combat is split into three types: one focused on stealth, one focused on firepower, and one focused on setting traps and hunting. “So there are ways where you get to customize your character and tune her more towards your play style, or develop them all to make her more into a Jack of all trades,” van Beek said.

Adding that combat is focused on the bow, van Beek says the XP system is mostly tied to the perk system, allowing you to access specific abilities like stealth kills or precision aiming mode.

Ending with a tease, van Beek said, “That is something you will see later” when asked about whether or not we could get on top of a robot’s head.

[Source: Games Radar via GameSpot]