GTA Online Prison Break Heist Double Score Weekend Announced

July 16, 2015Written by Alex Co

GTA Online Ill Gotten Gains Screen

Starting today, and lasting until July 19, The Prison Break Heist — which occurs following the completion of the 2-player Fleeca Bank set-up Heist — will reward players with 2X RP and GTA$ payouts in GTA Online.

Now, if you don’t have the proper credentials or proper locations to take part in it, Rockstar is “dialing up” the RP bonuses on select GTA Online activities to help players rank up. High-end properties in the game will be getting price cuts, too.

GTA Online activities with 2X RP bonuses are:

  • Armored Trucks
  • Collecting Bounties
  • Completing Daily Objectives
  • Crate Drop Collection & Enemy Kills
  • Destroy Vehicle Targets
  • Distract Cops
  • Flight School
  • Gang Attack Completion and Enemy Kills
  • Holding up a Convenience Store
  • Import/Export Vehicle Delivery
  • Impromptu Race
  • Killing a Mugger
  • Lester Kill Targets
  • Losing Wanted Levels
  • Plane Takedown

High-end Los Santos apartments with a 25% discount are:

  • 3 Alta Street (Apt. 10 & 57)
  • 4 Integrity Way (Apt. 30 & 35)
  • Del Perro Heights (Apt. 4, 7 & 20)
  • Eclipse Towers (Apt. 3, 5, 9, 31 & 40)
  • Richards Majestic Apt. 2, 4 & 51)
  • Tinsel Towers (Apt. 29, 42 & 45)
  • Weazel Plaza (Apt. 26, 70 & 101)

According to Rockstar, there should be more updates in the next few days, which include “fierce tactics to maximize your payouts in The Prison Break Heist and special limited-time price reductions on select gear and vehicles.” 

Anyone partaking in this? Let us know how you fare in the comments.

[Source: Rockstar Games]