Bethesda “Made a Sh*tload” of Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Editions, Factory Couldn’t Make Any More

July 28, 2015Written by Jason Dunning


In the span of about two weeks, the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition went from being announced to sold out, with Bethesda saying in late June that “no more are being made.”

Expanding on the quick sell-through of the Pip-Boy Editions, Bethesda’s VP of PR and Marketing Pete Hines told GameSpot at QuakeCon that the manufacturer told them they couldn’t make anymore:

We reached a point where we’d go back to the factories and they were like, ‘Guys, this is it, sorry. This is as long as we can run the lines and as many of them as we can make.’

Adding that the Pip-Boy Editions are being made today and aren’t just sitting in a warehouse, Hines says they asked the factories to make more due to the insane demand. While they moved off other projects to meet this demand, they eventually had to tell Bethesda, “‘Final answer: sorry, this is as many as we can make.’ And we sold every single one of those that we could.”

While some people have suggested only a few thousand Pip-Boy Editions were made, Hines clarified: “We made a s**tload of Pip-Boys, and we went back and made more, and went back and made more.” In fact, he thinks they made more of them than any other collector’s edition in their history.

Fallout 4 releases on November 10 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: GameSpot]