Here’s 60 Minutes of Zombi PS4 Gameplay, Trophy List Includes a Platinum

August 17, 2015 Written by Jason Dunning

Launching tomorrow on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, Zombi is the upgraded version of ZombiU, which adds more weapons, faster load times, a dedicated button for the backpack, and more, while removing multiplayer.

Recently, Ubisoft Australia went hands-on with Zombi on PlayStation 4 and streamed the whole thing through Twitch. During the video, you’ll learn about the mechanics of Zombi, see some of the differences between this new version and the Wii U version, and watch lots of zombie killing.

For key points in the video, skip ahead to 3:00 for the gameplay and explanations of some of the differences. Then, at 7:30, they switch to full-screen and explore the world.

During the video, Ubisoft also says Zombi will cost $29.95 in Australia. Based off of this, expect Zombi to retail for $19.99 in North America when it hits the PlayStation Store tomorrow.

Exophase also revealed the Trophy List forĀ Zombi, which includes a Platinum:

Will you be gettingĀ Zombi?

[Source: Exophase via Polygon]