Konami Answers Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain MB Coins Questions in Official FAQ

September 1, 2015Written by Jason Dunning



With the September 1 PlayStation Store update in North America, it’s been revealed that MB Coins range from $0.99 for 100 Coins to $49.99 for 6,000 Coins.

“In-game currency that may be used to shorten development time for certain weapons/items or expand certain base facilities,” the description reads.

Original Story:

Promising to provide more details about Mother Base Coins in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain at launch, Konami has now published a FAQ for the big new game.

Perhaps the biggest question surrounded how you’d be able to unlock more MB Coins without spending real-world money. According to Konami:

You will sometimes be awarded MB Coins for free, for instance as a daily bonus.

If you want to buy more MB Coins though, head to the ACC:

In the ACC (Aerial Command Center), access the STORE screen from the Pause Menu to purchase MB Coins. On PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, MB Coins can be purchased while out on missions (you do not need to be in the ACC).

There isn’t a time limit on using the MB Coins, and you can check your remaining MB Coins and usage status in the LOG screen on the in-game iDroid data device. However, “Japan and certain other countries and regions may have individual limits.”

Konami also reiterated that you don’t need to purchase MB Coins in order to complete The Phantom Pain:

There is no need to use MB Coins to reach the conclusion of the main story.

MB Coins are intended for use in online play, or to expand your experience after completing the game, but neither of these requires the use of MB Coins either.

Prior to launch, this was Konami’s explanation on how MB Coins functioned:

To clarify, the initial FOB, which includes the FOB command platform and all sub-platforms, is not behind a Mother Base coin paywall. Maintaining other FOBs past the initial set of FOB platforms can be purchased with Mother Base coins.

According to PlayStation Store information found yesterday, the MB Coins prices range from $1.65 – $79.95 in New Zealand, with the latter potentially converting to around $50 – $60 USD.

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