Leo’s Fortune Is a Handcrafted Platformer Coming to PS4 Next Week

September 2, 2015Written by Jason Dunning

Originally developed for iOS and Android devices, Leo’s Fortune from 1337 & Senri is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC/Mac on September 8 in North America and September 10 in Europe for $6.99.

Running at 1080p on the new platforms, Leo’s Fortune is an award-winning adventure platformer that features 24 hand-crafted levels:

Leo’s Fortune follows the story of Leopold, a wealthy mustached furball who returns home one day to discover his gold fortune has been stolen. The thief dropped gold like a trail of breadcrumbs, which Leo must follow to recover his fortune and find the culprit. Along the way you’ll meet Leo’s strange family and reveal a twisting mystery. You’ll jump and float to avoid deadly traps, solve physics-based puzzles, and guide Leo through 24 hand-crafted levels. Each level is one enormous, panoramic piece of art that has been lovingly configured to play with a controller or keyboard.

Previously the Lead Designer on Battlefield 2, Leo’s Fortune Game Designer Anders Hejdenberg talked about how he hopes you notice the effort put into the game’s graphics and environments:

Most platform games are designed using a set of repeating texture tiles. We chose not to make our lives any easier and did not use a tile system. Instead, each level in Leo’s Fortune is one enormous unique panoramic image, created from scratch. We even developed our own game engine from scratch. This is why we often refer to the game as “handcrafted.” We could’ve made this game more easily using off-the-shelf tools, but we don’t think the result would have been the same.

Will you be checking out Leo’s Fortune next week?

[Source: PS Blog]