Two Free Pieces of Dying Light DLC Arrive Soon Thanks to #DrinkforDLC Campaign

September 7, 2015Written by Jason Dunning

Starting as a joke response to Destiny‘s Red Bull promotion, the Dying Light #DrinkforDLC campaign has resulted in some free content for all owners of the game.

Coming soon, the free DLC includes a new quest and new blueprint, all for drinking water:


  • Fountain of Youth – Bring clean drinking water back to the quarantine zone.


  • Water Balloons – Make groups of enemies super vulnerable to electricity.

Adding roughly 10 hours of gameplay, a drivable vehicle, a massive new area, and more, The Following expansion for Dying Light is expected to be given a release date soon. When it does launch, Season Pass owners will be able to download it for free, while everyone else has to pay $14.99.

If you’ve never played Dying Light, a demo is available now on the PlayStation Store.