2D Arena Shooter Crashnauts Coming to PS4 in 2016

September 8, 2015Written by Jason Dunning

Focusing on fluid and precise player movement, brutal fast-paced combat, and objective-based gametypes, Crashnauts from developer Fueled By Rockets is a 2D arena shooter coming to PlayStation 4 in 2016.

Along with 2-4 player local multiplayer, Crashnauts also includes a fan favorite spawning system and extra wide levels, which were detailed by Project Lead Marc Call:

While it is already rather fun to watch yourself die in Crashnauts, we wanted to make the experience even more enjoyable. When it’s time for your player to spawn, you control a droplight laser from the sky moving it horizontally across the arena. Watching the players below you fight with one another you can time your respawn at just the right time to obliterate unsuspecting enemies below with your Crashpod.

The other game mechanic that makes Crashnauts really special is the extra wide levels combined with a scrollable camera. From the beginning we’ve wanted to have most game modes in Crashnauts be objective based. Having these extra wide levels allows for some really cool game modes like “PUSH” where players have to kill the opposing team to advance the game camera towards the enemy generator and destroy it, or like “War Hero” where players take turns being the hero that tries to advance his flag the farthest in a 1v3 uphill battle.

Currently on Kickstarter with a $40,000 goal, Crashnauts will add online vs multiplayer if the $90,000 stretch goal is reached.

[Source: PS Blog]