PlayStation Exclusive Destiny: The Taken King Content Detailed in New Video

September 10, 2015Written by Jason Dunning

Available only on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 “until at least Fall 2016,” the PlayStation exclusive content for Destiny: The Taken King was shown off in a new video from Access PlayStation.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll find:

Legendary Gear Sets

  • Titan – Hesperos
  • Warlock – Azoth Bend
  • Hunter – Neuroghast

Exotic Weapon

  • Jade Rabbit (Scout Rifle) – Sporting a 13-shot magazine and a sniper-like scope, the Jade Rabbit is a lethal combination of kinetic power and long-range accuracy.

Strike – Echo Chamber

  • The Vex have laid siege to time itself. Attempting to unravel your once-decisive victory against Sekrion, the Vex are constructing a time bridge to call the Nexus Mind from the past in order to execute a terrible future.
  • An exclusive three-player cooperative Strike: join up with friends or use matchmaking to form a Fireteam.
  • Hold off a Vex onslaught while also disabling the bridge’s machinery to prevent Sekrion’s return.

Crucible Map – Sector 618

  • Once a part of the mighty Cosmodrome wall, Sector 618 fell long ago to the Fallen House of Devils. Now reclaimed by the City, the beams and walkways of the wall’s interior are in dangerous disrepair—thus, an ideal location for the Crucible’s grueling games.
  • Sector 618 is a mid-sized Crucible map compatible with any game mode, particularly Clash and Control.
  • A perilous open chasm at Sector 618’s center splits a network of narrow, claustrophobic corridors, connected only by two exposed bridges.
  • The bridges aren’t the only way across: dexterous players can perform death-defying leaps across a handful of small platforms, but beware of snipers using the open area to their advantage.

Additionally, Access PlayStation unboxed the Limited Edition Destiny: The Taken King PlayStation 4, which will be available alongside the game on September 15:

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