New, Lighter PS4 Model External and Internal Changes Detailed

September 14, 2015Written by Mark Labbe

The new CUH-1200 series PlayStation 4 is out in Japan and is beginning to hit the UK, and the people over at Digital Foundry have just released some more details on the console.

Previously, it was reported that the CUH-1200 console is lighter and uses less power than the original PS4 console, but more details have now been released. Apparently, a large part of the reason the system uses less power is thanks to a new, and lighter, power supply unit, as well as a different RAM setup. Instead of using 16 units of 512mb GDDR5 RAM, this new system uses eight cluster of 1GB units, freeing up space in the console.

Besides the internal changes, a few external ones were made. The new body of the unit has a matte surface, instead of a glossy one, making it more resilient to dust and scratches. The body also features a brighter, yet shorter, LED strip, and buttons that protrude more. The system is noticeably quieter, too, Digital Foundry reports.

Have you gotten your hands on the new CUH-1200 series PS4 yet? And if not, do you think you will be getting one?

[Source: Digital Foundry (YouTube) via Eurogamer]