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TGS 2015: For Honor Gets New Trailer That Introduces The Oni

September 15, 2015Written by Alex Co


Ubisoft has sent out the official press release for the trailer:

The Oni is a swift and lethal duelist who slays his enemies with quickness and mastery. Donning leather and wood armor and wielding a razor-sharp Japanese katana, the Oni strikes fear into his opponents and dominates the battlefield with special abilities such as poisoning his blade, throwing kunai, and unleashing an Arrow Storm. The Oni is a truly powerful and formidable warrior.

Original Story:

At TGS 2015, Sony unveiled a new trailer for the Ubisoft action game, For Honor.

In the For Honor trailer, “The Oni” class is highlighted, which mentions how the class is a “skilled duelist,””quick and lethal,” and “inspires fear.”

If you want to see more gameplay, check it out here.

For Honor is set for release next year for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.