Battlefield Hardline Update Today on PS4 & PS3 Includes New Weapons, Lots of Fixes

September 16, 2015Written by Jason Dunning


Down for maintenance earlier today on all platforms, Battlefield Hardline has been updated by Visceral Games to add support for the Robbery expansion, which is available today to Premium Members and will be released on September 30 for everyone else.

Visceral detailed everything you get with Robbery:

  • New Game Mode – Squad Heist
  • Four new Maps – The Docks, Break Pointe, Museum, Precinct 7
  • Super Feature – Legendary Status – Upon reaching Rank 150 for the first time, players will be given the option to Become Legendary Level I.
  • Two new Vehicles – Factional Pickup Truck, Scout Helicopter
  • Two new Vehicle camos – “Limited” Vehicle Camo, “Ice” Vehicle Camo
  • Vehicle Upgrades – Robbery Vehicle Upgrades
  • Two new Gadgets for Operator class – CS Gas Launcher. Vehicle Passenger Healing
  • Four new Weapons for Operator class – F2000, MDC, RPK, Throwing Knife
  • Four new Gun Camos – Butterfly Gun Camo, Beehive Gun Camo, Street Gun Camo, Money Gun Camo
  • Other new Features – New Assignments and Achievements, Easter Eggs

As for the Battlefield Hardline update live today on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC, here’s all the patch notes, which are eligible for all platforms unless otherwise noted (non-PlayStation specific notes removed):

Seven New Weapons

  • Throwback Carbine Rifle for All Classes
  • Sidearm for All Classes
  • SMG for All Classes
  • Assault Rifer for the Operator Class
  • Shotgun for the Enforcer Class
  • Sniper Rifle for the Professional Class
  • SMG for the Mechanic Class

Pre-Order Battlepack Unlocks

  • Battlefield Hardline Pre-order Weapons Are Now Available to all Battlefield Hardline owners.
  • Assault Rifle from the Precision Pre-order Bundle
  • Assault Rifle from the Versatility Pre-order Bundle
  • Assault Rifle from the Suppression Pre-order Bundle


  • Fixed various memory allocation issues


  • Fixed SMG Ownership Assignment – appears as completed in My Agent menu even though the requirements haven’t been met yet


  • (PS3, X360) Improvements to TDM spawning


  • (PS4) Fixed an issue where part of the world did not draw at the southern entrance of the club in Code Blue
  • (PS3, X360) Fixed some issues with MP maps:
  • Bank Job: Player can climb a grappling hook into the ceiling above the offices on the 2nd level of Bank Job
  • The Beat: Players can float in the sky
  • The Block: Exploit – Users can get on the roof of the liquor store
  • (PS3) Addressed lower performance in one area of Code Blue


  • .300KO slowed bolt cycle rate
  • Mac-10 Start damage 24 end damage 12
  • Armored insert changed to 33% damage reduction
  • FMG9 accuracy decreased and horizontal recoil slightly increased
  • Fixed an issue where If the user has a melee weapon out, picks up a battle pickup and uses melee again before the battle pickup is in the user’s hand, the battle pickup will drop and the users hands will disappear
  • (PS4) Fixed an issue where a player could use the P90 and Uzi as a cop without first reaching 1250 kills and buying a license


  • Fixed an issue where the sabotage bomb is still being placed although the timer is interrupted


  • (PS4) Fixed an issue where a player joining through quickmatch could be placed alone on a server while using the Cop/Criminal mix modes
  • (Xbox One, PS3, X360) Fixed an issue with the server browser and map filters
  • (PS3, X360) Fixed AimAssistRotationEnabled server setting not working when set from rsp ui on console
  • (PS3, X360) Fixed an issue with the Server Browser where setting a server type filter did not filter the correct server types in the server browser


  • Various stability fixes made for game crashes
  • (PS4) Fixed a crash caused by purchasing shortcut bundles for Mechanic, Operator, and Professional
  • (PS3) Fixed a crash that could occur during the Singleplayer Camapign EP 5 – Escape loading screen
  • (PS3) Fixed a crash that could occur in the PS4 Main Console Menu after trophies are synchronized

Will you be playing Hardline today?

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