Slightly Mad Studios Highlights Upcoming Project CARS DLC, New Track Expansion “Coming Soon”

September 16, 2015Written by Mark Labbe


In a post highlighting all that Project CARS has accomplished so far, Slightly Mad Studios also laid out the future of the racing game.

Talking about the game’s DLC “ON DEMAND program,” the developer explained that a new Track Expansion will be releasing soon, a “special fan-requested Car Pack” will hit in October, and more.

And our ON DEMAND program has only just started! With another Track Expansion coming soon, a special fan-requested Car Pack in October, and then another huge Track Expansion coming in November, Project CARS will continue to remain current and reflective of player feedback well into the future.

Earlier in the year, Slightly Mad confirmed the development of Project CARS 2, which will feature a Co-Op Career Mode and “the largest track roster ever.”

[Source: Slightly Mad Studios]