Star Wars Battlefront Beta Open to Everyone, Will Include Offline Co-Op

September 16, 2015Written by Jason Dunning


In the latest Star Wars Battlefront Community Update, Community Manager Mathew Everett talked about the upcoming early October beta on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, saying, “The final date will be announced as soon as we have the final details locked in.”

Consisting of “both our offline and online modes including co-op and split-screen co-op,” the competitive online portion of the beta includes Walker Assault on Hoth and Drop Zone on Sullust.

As for the co-op portion of the beta, you can play with a friend online, or through couch co-op. “Stranded on Tatooine solo,” he says, “with a friend online, or couch co-op, you’re going to want check out our beta Survival Mission mode.”

Everett also confirmed that the beta will be open to everyone:

Now that we have officially announced the beta, most of you are just itching to know how you can get in. Well, we’re excited to say that the beta is open to everyone! Get ready for the beta release date and also make sure your system is ready to download the beta the moment it goes live. Keep your eyes peeled for myself and many other developers during the live beta as we have some cool stuff planned.

He then answered a couple community questions:

Q.) Will there be any AI bots in multiplayer in addition to other players?

  • A.) Yes! Our Fighter Squadron mode features AI units (10 on each side).

Q.) Will there be sidearms or only primary guns?

  • A.) We offer a primary blaster along with a hand of Star Cards. How you customize your Star Card hand will be up to you.

As we approach launch on November 17, Everett says DICE will reveal specific details around “features, modes, weapons, vehicles, and more.”

[Source: EA Star Wars]