Now Loading…What Did You Think of Sony’s TGS 2015 Press Conference?

September 17, 2015Written by Alex Co


If you assumed that Sony blew its entire load at this year’s E3 when it comes to announcements, you’re dead wrong. At this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Sony took the stage and essentially gave attendees and viewers round 2 of what it showed at E3.

While the announcements understandably weren’t as big as the megatons dropped during E3, Sony still announced a ton of games. And to think, we still have Paris Games Week and this year’s PlayStation Experience in December to look forward to.

What did the PlayStation LifeStyle crew think of Sony’s TGS 2015 presser? Read on.

In case you weren’t able to watch the Sony TGS 2015 press conference, watch the archived footage here.

Do you agree with the staff? What do you think of Sony’s showing at TGS this year? Chime in below and let us know. 

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