Rocket League Movie, TV Show and Toys Being Discussed

September 17, 2015Written by Alex Co


It’s no secret by now that Psyonix’s Rocket League is a bona fide smash shit. How big of a hit is it? Well, bigger than you think, as Psyonix has confirmed that it has discussed turning a movie or TV show adaptation of the arcade game, and even a toy line.

In an interview, Psyonix VP of Marketing and Communications Jeremy Dunham mentioned that the studio has been approached by to discuss the possibility of a Rocket League movie or TV show, but that there’s “nothing to announce.”

We’ve had discussions with various people and studios in Hollywood about making movies based on Rocket League, or a TV show.

TV series and films are being pitched to us. There’s nothing to announce, there’s nothing official, we haven’t signed any dotted lines. A big reason for that is there are lot of questions about Rocket League in general, about the fiction, the lore and how that would tie in to a television show or film.

Cross-promotions outside of the game and toy deals are also being pitched as well.

We’ve had people come our way with possible toy deals and lots of cross-promotions outside of our game, some of which we have already done. Now we are getting to the point where the people who want to work with us are much much more famous. It’s crazy. The meetings that I have with new companies who I didn’t realise were Rocket League players – it blows my mind. They’re still playing the game and are still interested in it. It makes us almost speechless, we’re wondering when it’s going to end. 

While I admit, a Rocket League movie isn’t exactly making sense to me now, Rocket League toys do! I’m 34-years old, and I think I’d buy that just to see the carnage live.

Would you want to see Rocket League spinoff to movies, toys, or something else? What would make the most sense for Psyonix?

[Source: MCV]