New Treyarch Video Gives Detailed Timeline of Black Ops Events

September 18, 2015Written by Mark Labbe

In honor of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, which is set to release on November 6, developer Treyarch published a video on YouTube that highlights the in-game history of the Black Ops series.

The video begins all the way back in 1913, with the birth of Victor Reznov, who made an appearance in both Black Ops and Black Ops 2. It then takes us more than one hundred years into the future, all the way up the ending of Black Ops 2, when  the terrorist Raul Menendez is either captured or killed based on the player’s decision. Interestingly, the video mentions that Menendez was killed, implying that Black Ops 3 will simply work off of a timeline where the player ended his life, rather than saved it.

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[Source: Treyarch (YouTube)]