PSN Down Reports for PS4 Popping up Online, Sony Says “Some Services Experiencing Issues” (Update)

September 19, 2015Written by Alex Co


Update (12:15 a.m.):

According to the official PlayStation Network status page, “All services are up and running.” I gather, it’s been that way for quite some time, but I’ve updated it just now. Hey! It’s the weekend, cut me some slack.

Original Story:

Want to play some online games this weekend on your PlayStation 4? You better hope you’re one of the people not affected by downtime as it seems the PlayStation Network is down once again for a lot of people worldwide.

Yep, you’re not dreaming. PSN down was a thing yesterday, and it seems yet again today.

Over on Reddit, user drf_ is asking if there’s “emergency maintenance” in EU for the service since it states that PSN is undergoing maintenance even if none is scheduled for this weekend. Additionally, other users from California, Norway, Portugal and other parts of the world seem to be having issues as well.

Strangely enough, some US PS4 players aren’t experiencing issues at all. However, checking Sony’s official PSN status page, it does say that “Some services are experiencing issues.”

Our own Tyler Treese was online just now and got kicked, with PSN showing “Cannot connect to PlayStation Network, PlayStation Network might be temporarily busy. Check it status at or please try again later. Error WS-37504-9.” The screenshot of the error can be seen below as well.


Currently, both the official PlayStation Twitter account and Ask PlayStation have yet to comment on the downtime.

We’ll keep you posted once we know more, and if the service is back up.

Are you experiencing PSN downtime where you are? Let your fellow gamers know (and where you’re located too!) in the comments below.

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