Daily Reaction: Reacting to a Few of the TGS 2015 Announcements

September 20, 2015Written by Chandler Wood


Daily Reaction carries forward with newcomer Tyler Treese filling some big shoes to help Chandler react on a near daily basis. You can also expect other members of the PlayStation LifeStyle staff to pop in from time to time as we continue to react to the daily goings on in the industry. 

Today we’re looking at some of the big surprising announcements from the 2015 Tokyo Game Show. How do we feel about Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Super Maxed Out Prequel/Sequel Extra Buy This Please edition? Are those new HDD covers going to be making a stylish appearance in either of our homes? Did one of us actually stop playing Danganronpa after the first chapter? All these questions and more are answered in today’s Daily Reaction, which you may have already seen a sneak peek of in Heath’s TGS 2015 numbers post. 

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