Need for Speed Car List Detailed, Still Not Complete

September 21, 2015Written by Alex Co


While we posted a partial car list for this year’s Need for Speed, EA has once again revealed yet another (incomplete) list, and this time, it added descriptions as well,

Before anyone complains that there’s no Toyota Supra, or whatnot, don’t forget: this is NOT the complete list. Of course, this partial list is already 26 cars strong and features Porsches, Lambos and all kinds of cars that I’ll never be able to drive or own.

Don’t forget to register for the NFS closed beta, which will be closing later this week. And in refreshing news, Ghost Games has no plans for micro-transactions or DLC plans for the upcoming racer.

Need for Speed will be out on November 3 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

[Source: Need for Speed]