Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls PS4 Release Date Announcement Coming “Soon,” Says Quantic Dream

September 23, 2015Written by Jason Dunning


Back in June, developer Quantic Dream announced that Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls would be making their way to PlayStation 4 in North America and Europe.

After a few months of silence, Quantic Dream has said we’ll learn about the release dates of both titles soon:

When someone on Twitter asked if Beyond: Two Souls will arrive in February 2016, Quantic Dream replied, “I’m afraid not. Busy, busy, busy…”

Provided nothing’s changed since the original announcement, Europe will see Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls released separately through the PlayStation Store, with a retail and digital package including both games. As for North America, Quantic Dream said, “Exact details digital/BDR will emerge later, but both titles will make it to North America as well, in one form or another!”

Considering that Sony’s press conference at Paris Games Week is just over a month away, don’t be surprised if we learn about release dates on October 27.

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