Here Are 5 Rainbow Six Siege Tips Straight From the Dev Team

September 24, 2015Written by Alex Co

Sorting through the Rainbow Six Siege beta? If you’ve managed to get into a game but find it hard to do well, then Ubisoft has just the cure.

If you’re going at Rainbow Six Siege the way you do military shooters, then you’ll see yourself losing firefights more often than winning them. Check out the five Rainbow Six Siege tips straight from the devs themselves.

Check out our top five tips for succeeding the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. In Rainbow Six Siege your wits and combat skills will be put to the test. Uniquely skilled Operators, thrilling Siege gameplay, and destructible, close-quarter combat arenas await in a playable first-person shooter gaming experience you can’t miss.

From using drones to tag enemies, using security cams, and taking advantage of the shooter’s environmental destruction mechanics, you’ll learn a thing or two from the video above.

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