Star Wars Battlefront Beta Begins on October 8 for PS4, Xbox One & PC

September 24, 2015Written by Jason Dunning


Open to everyone on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (via Origin), the Star Wars Battlefront beta will run from October 8 – 12, EA announced today.

“The Star Wars Battlefront Beta is a technical test and will give Rebels and Imperials alike just a small taste of the Star Wars battle fantasies you can expect to live out when the game launches on November 17,” EA said.

Here’s the map and modes you’ll be able to play in the beta:

  • Walker Assault on Hoth (Up to 40 Players) – Fight in epic 40-player battles as a Rebel to destroy the Empire’s onslaught of AT-AT’s by calling in Y-wing bombers. Or, side with the Empire and protect your walkers while utilizing their mighty weaponry to crush the Rebel objective.
  • Drop Zone on Sullust (16 Players) – Escape pods are crashing down and you and your team must fight to control them. With its frantic 8v8 matches, Drop Zone is sure to put your combat and strategy skills to the test.
  • Survival Mission on Tatooine – Play alone or with a friend via co-op or split-screen as you battle to hold off waves of Imperial forces including AT-ST’s, TIE fighters, elite stormtroopers, and more.

Since this is a beta, “players may experience interruptions to their gameplay during the Beta period.”

In the FAQ, we learn you’ll be able to download the roughly 7GB file from the PlayStation Store on PS4, the cap is level 5 (you can still unlock items after hitting the cap), and stats and progression will not carry over to the final game or final Companion experience.

You’ll be able to access the Companion during the beta through your browser only at As EA adds, “The Star Wars Battlefront Companion experience features the strategic card game Base Command, and lets you earn in-game Credits that unlock Star Cards, weapons, and more in Star Wars Battlefront.

Are you excited for the beta next month?

[Source: PS Blog]