Destiny Xur Location and Items for September 25-27 Revealed

September 25, 2015Written by Alex Co


It’s Friday and aside from the weekend to look forward to, it’s another entry in PlayStation LifeStyle’s on-going Destiny Xur location and item list! 

For those wondering where Xur – Agent of the Nine is right now, he’s at the hangar portion of the Tower. After spawning in, head right, go down the first flight of stairs and you’ll see him on the right side. His actual location can be seen in the gallery below as well.

As for his wares, Xur is selling his usual gaggle of Exotic stuff. Those who like the hand cannon as their primary will be happy to know that the Hawkmoon Exotic can be purchased now for 23 Strange Coins.

Check out the rest of his items below.

It’s been a rather busy week for Destiny, as not only did we publish our review of The Taken King, Bungie also deployed a hotfix that “fixes” Three of Coins exploit we posted last week. Those looking for more Exotic items can take a look at this secret mission where you can earn the Black Spindle Sniper Rifle that’s said to be all sorts of awesome.

What are you getting from Xur this weekend? Have you seen any new Exotic farming techniques? Let us know if so.

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