New PlayStation TV Hack Lets Users Play Any PS Vita Game

September 25, 2015Written by Mark Labbe

Even though PlayStation TV was created to allow users to play PS Vita games on a big screen, not every Vita game is available on the little console. However, a new hack apparently can change that.

A hacker known as Mr. Gas has come up with a method that will allow users to play any PS Vita games they own on the PS TV, and it can be done in only a few steps. The Digital Foundry video above will walk you through the process, but essentially you’ll need to download a few certain files and then open them in the PS TV’s email client. After you watch the video and get an idea of what to do, you can download those files here.

Let us know in the comments section below if you plan on doing this hacking method to your PS TV, or if you’ve already done it.

[Source: Hack InformerDigital Foundry (YouTube), MEGA via Eurogamer]