Konami: We’re Still Committed to Console Gaming, Metal Gear Can Continue Without Hideo Kojima

September 28, 2015Written by Jason Dunning


Following the report earlier this month that Konami was leaving behind AAA game development (save for Pro Evolution Soccer) and the next Metal Gear was never happening, Konami customer service informally said the company was “still definitely working on console games and franchises such as Metal Gear, Silent Hill, Castlevania, PES, and all the rest.”

In a video interview with Gameon Daily, Konami UK Community Manager Graham Day explained, “We’ve said in the past that obviously the Metal Gear brand will continue.”

Asked outright if the Metal Gear franchise can continue without Kojima, Day replied, “Yeah, course it can. Metal Gear is about the story, it’s about the characters.” Pushed a little further by the interviewer, Day added:

Look at things like Metal Gear Rising. That was an example of the title being taken in a new direction by separate teams with obviously hands-in from other parties. And that was in itself a very, very good game as well, and that was obviously led by a completely different team.

Later on in the video, Day addressed the report that Konami is shifting its focus towards mobile development. “Don’t believe everything you read in the press. Yeah [we’re still committed to console gaming]. That’s never changed. I think things have been taken out of context.”

“Mobile gaming has a future and that has potential. Just because mobile gaming is being embraced doesn’t mean everything else has to quit, “he added. “Konami has a history of making the best games around and that is something that will continue. That won’t change anything going forward. So people should believe in Konami. If I was to use a tagline, PES 2016’s tagline is ‘Love the past, play the future.’ And that is there for a reason. The future isn’t ending now. The future has a long, long way.”

[Source: Gameon Daily (YouTube) via VideoGamer]