10 Screens of Digimon World: Next Order Show Day, Night, Monsters

September 29, 2015Written by Heath Hindman


Digimon fans will see the expected first faces in these new (though still early) DigimonWorld: Next Order screenshots.

Here, we can see the characters confirmed to walk around. There appears to be gravity on this world, as the walking is done primarily with feet, which are on the ground. The sky is often placed above characters’ heads, always visible, though far away enough that they do not appear in danger of running into it.

Next Order is a 2016 release in Japan, though other localizations are not yet confirmed. Perhaps Bandai Namco is waiting to see the performance of one-time Vita exclusive (but now PS4 also) Cyber Sleuth before making an announcement about Next Order? We can’t know yet.

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