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Yakuza 6 Teaser Shows Beat Takeshi

September 29, 2015Written by Heath Hindman

Legendary yakuza movie star (I mean without the italics and capital ‘y.’ Not the game series Yakuza, I mean movies about the Japanese mafia guys) Beat Takeshi is a big part of Sega’s hype machine for PS4-exclusive Yakuza 6. Series sales have been slow, and its built around middle-aged men in both cast and core player demographic, so Sega decided to cast a popular…um…aging man.

We don’t see much of Takeshi in the short clip, but his character is definitely in his real likeness:


“Hey, kid,” Takeshi says. “I guess you did it.” And then the screen flashes with announcements of announcements for pre-hype hyping: “Wait for further reports.”