Sony Would “Absolutely” Want to Continue Working With Bloodborne Developer From Software

September 30, 2015Written by Jason Dunning


Likely to end up as the biggest PlayStation 4 exclusive title of 2015, Bloodborne from From Software has sold over two million copies so far and will see its first (and possibly only) DLC expansion, The Old Hunters, in November.

Asked in an interview with Eurogamer if he’d like to work with From Software again, Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida was 100% on board with the idea:

Absolutely. As you know, they’re a publisher as well, and also occasionally developer. Being management of From Software, I can totally understand they’re publishers, they have to manage their resources. But also they support Miyazaki-san’s creative vision. Sometimes he might want to do something risky for them – in that case, we might have a chance of working with us. That was the case for Bloodborne. It was early, from a Japanese publisher’s standpoint, to bet big on a PS4-only title. That was a quite large development effort. We’re able to work closely with them. We have great relationships, and because of the nature of them being publishers and developers, it’s a unique relationship. We wish to continue to work with them.

Elsewhere in the interview, the PlayStation 4’s upcoming price drop in Japan was brought up, and Shuhei revealed that he has “nothing to say” about a price drop outside of Japan. “We just don’t price drop when things are not going well. People don’t buy just for the price. It was the right time to do that in Japan.”

He also spoke briefly about the PlayStation Vita, saying sales outside of Japan “are pretty steady. Not as much as in Japan, but there’s no shortage of great indie games coming out on the Vita.”

[Source: Eurogamer]