PlayStation Store Sales This Week Include Sale of the Dead Week 2

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The North American PlayStation Store updated a little earlier than usual today (Update: Prices are live!), revealing the titles we can expect in the Sale of the Dead Week 2. While prices aren’t live yet (expect them around 12pm PT/3pm ET), there should be additional PlayStation Plus discounts on top of the normal discounts.

With deals lasting through November 2, here’s the games on sale this week through the PlayStation Store:

*Additional PS+ discount in brackets.

Sale of the Dead Week 2

PlayStation 4 Games

PlayStation 3 Games

PlayStation Vita Games

PlayStation Portable Games

PSOne Classics

Atlus Sale

Other Deals


*Prices are in USD and may be higher in Canada. Additional PlayStation Plus discount in brackets is taken off the regular price.

As a reminder, there’s still time to take advantage of the Spend $100, Get $15 Back promotion on the PlayStation Store.

What do you plan on buying this week?

10 Properties That Telltale Games Should Work On

Animal Man

While Animal Man might not be DC's most popular superhero, he is one of the most interesting. Over the years, the series has touched on a lot of more mature themes than most comic books do. The series seems like a great fit for a game due to its psychedelic art style, and that Buddy Baker's ability to borrow the skills of animals seems perfect for some unique puzzle solving.


Bioshock has one of the most unique worlds ever conceived in a video game. An episodic series showing off more parts of the world, and additional cities, could be fantastic.

Dragon Ball

While the battle heavy Dragon Ball Z is more popular, Dragon Ball would be a better fit for Telltale. The series that stars Goku as a kid was much more light hearted, and focused on humorous situations. With nostalgia at an all-time high, this would be a great time to give Dragon Ball fans something more substantial than a fighting game.

Arrested Development

Since the actors' busy schedules has delayed a possible season 5, maybe a video game adaptation could fill the void. Few shows have as many memorable characters as Arrested Development, and who wouldn't want to play a game that focused on Franklin's aspiring musical career?

Metal Gear Solid

If there were any complaints about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain it was the lack of story. So, if anyone is going to continue making Metal Gear games, then why not have the storytelling masterminds at Telltale do it? There is still an exciting universe to flesh out, so Telltale could take the series in some new, fresh directions.


If we're going to get anymore Uncharted adventures after Uncharted 4, then they probably shouldn't be by Naughty Dog. Considering that the mediocre shooting has always been the series' main issue, a Telltale developed game that focused on storytelling and puzzle solving could do wonders for keeping the series relevant. An episodic adventure starring a young Victor Sullivan going on different escapades? Sign me up.


If Until Dawn taught us anything, it was that the horror genre has untapped potential. The Scream series, with its unique mixture of humor and jump scares, seems like it would be a natural fit. And we trust that Telltale could make something really special.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Not only is Star Trek: The Next Generation the best television series ever, it would work great as an episodic video game. Most of the memorable moments were not space battles, rather the series focused on moral dilemmas, and tough choices. That seems a lot like what Telltale's strong suits are!

The Simpsons

LEGO Dimensions was a great reminder that there hasn't been a Simpsons game in quite some time. Telltale has comedy writing chops, and they might be able to write some interactive episodes that would be better than the show itself. Throw in how many great characters there are, and there could be countless episodes.


There are a lot aspects of sports that don't get touched upon in video games. There are even more aspects in sports entertainment that gets ignored. A choice driven game where you are a WWE booker or GM could be endlessly fascinating. Especially with how crazy matches and storylines can get.

Just think, Cesaro could finally get that push he deserves.

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