Horror Game “White Day” Announced for PlayStation VR, List of Korean Devs Working on PS4 Games Released

November 5, 2015 Written by Alex Co

In case you didn’t know, Sony hosted a PlayStation press conference in Korea just a few days ago. While not a lot of megatons were dropped, there’s still an announcement or two worth mentioning.

One of these announcements is Korean developer Roi Games’ “White Day: A Labyrinth Named School.” Billed as a “romantic horror adventure game,” White Day will use PlayStation VR, You can check out the official trailer above.

In addition to that, Sony Computer Entertainment Korea made a sizzle reel of upcoming PS4 games being developed by Korean studios. You can also check out the list of Korean studios making PS4 games below as well.

  • 21c.Ducks – Racers: Dirt, Timing Hero
  • Bicore – HeroHeartsZero
  • Blueside – Kingdom Under Fire II
  • Buff Studio – Buff Knight Advanced
  • Cyberfront Korea – Starry Knights
  • Dotomchi Games – Heroes of Fortune
  • Drool – Thumper
  • Joycity – 3-on-3 Freestyle
  • Nestoss – James`s Legacy: The Prologue
  • Next Floor – Kido: Ride on Time (Trailer)
  • Nimble Games – Nimble Birds
  • NLabSoft – Blade Warrior
  • Okidoki Games – Lift Car
  • Park ESM – Operation7: Revolution (Trailer)
  • QuattroGear – Black Witchcraft
  • ROI Games – White Day: A Labyrinth Named School (PlayStation VR, Trailer)
  • Skonec Entertainment – Mortal Blitz VR (PlayStation VR)
  • Smilegate Megaport – Quarre: The Magic Library (Trailer)
  • Somi – Retsnom (also on PS Vita)
  • Studio HG – Smashing the Battle (Trailer)
  • Summergrass, Inc. – Mike & Milkbox
  • THEM Corporation – The Onion Knights
  • Xiness – Ender of Fire

It’s definitely a good sign that more Asian studios outside of Japan are making PS4 games. Let’s hope that they can offer new experiences to complement the AAA games we normally get.

[Source: Gematsu]