Star Wars Battlefront – Everything You Need to Know

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With Star Wars Battlefront set for release in just a few days, we here at PlayStation LifeStyle have once again compiled everything we know about Battlefront and chucked it all in one handy place.

Check out the gallery below for all the Star Wars Battlefront info you need in order to decide if it’s the right game for you. Of course, you can also wait for our review running early next week to help you make an informed buying decision. We’ve detailed the weapons, modes, maps, tips videos and a whole lot more in one place!

Star Wars Battlefront - Everything You Need to Know

Yep, There's a Day One Update

Same with most games these days, there's a day one update for Star Wars Battlefront that fixes a few bugs, and improves stability and performance. 

The full list of patch notes for Battlefront update 1.01 can be read here.

You Might Want to Check Out This Awesome Battlefront PS4 TV Spot

We're not one to be suckered in by marketing ploys, but this one just hits all the right (nostalgia) notes. Don't believe us? Watch it and prepare to reminisce or just be reminded how awesome childhood was back then.

You can also check out this live-action launch trailer that shows people disappearing. Oh, and Ana Kendrick's in it, too!

Battle of Jakku DLC Will Drop in December and for Free

Same as every other multiplayer game out in the market, Battlefront will expansions and more. 

The first one, Battle of Jakku, will be out on December 1 for those who pre-ordered the game, while regular buyers will be able to download it on December 8. And yep, Battle of Jakku is free DLC.

Full DLC details here.

It Will Clock in at a 29GB If You Buy It Digitally, But Will Let You Play as Darth Vader While It Installs

If you buy Battlefront on PSN, you should at least have 29GB of space available, with an initial download of 4GB.

Here's the cool thing regardless if you buy disc or digital, DICE has included a little Darth Vader mini game that you can play while the game installs!

It Won't Use Battlelog, but It Has Its Own Companion App

As early as August, EA confirmed that Battlefront won't use Battlelog. Instead, it's using the Star Wars Battlefront Companion App that you can play on your mobile, tablet and desktop where you can earn in-game credits via the Base Command mini game. And as expected, you can also check out your loadout, unlocks and other in-game stuff as well.

Every Vehicle in the Game Listed

Check out the link below to see all the vehicles available in the base game.

Complete list of vehicles available.

Here's All the Guns, Star Cards, Traits and Power Ups

All weapons, Star Cards, Traits and Power Ups available in the base game in one handy gallery.

Maps Will Be Dynamic and Use Destruction

Don't expect DICE's Battlefield 4 "Levolution" map mechanics to pop up in Battlefront, but DICE General Manager did confirm that there's going to be destruction in areas "where it makes sense." Also, maps are said to be dynamic and adapt to who's winning.

Six Heroes Will Be Available at Launch

Every Planet, and gameplay video showcasing every Hero/Villain in action. Official EA video showcasing the playable Heroes.

12 Maps in Total, and Every Game Mode Revealed

All modes and missions revealed, total of 12 maps out of the box.

Character Customization Consists of emotes and Appearances (Skins)

Here's every emote, and character skin (appearance) available in the base game. You can also watch each character appearance in the video embedded.

The Season Pass Will House Four Expansions, Introduce

As expected, Battlefront will have a Season Pass. According to EA, it will add content over the next 12-18 months.

Same with DICE's other shooter, Battlefront's Season Pass will have four expansions in total and be priced at $50.

The Season Pass will include over 20 new pieces of galactic tech, including weapons, vehicles, and Star Cards; 4 more heroes and villains, 16 additional multiplayer maps, four new game modes, an exclusive emote, and two-week early access to each expansion. 

The Beta Was a Huge Success, Walker Assault Tweaked

EA did very well with the Battlefront beta, as it announced that over nine million player across all platforms participated among other things.

And as expected, Walker Assault has been tweaked for the final game.

Other changes have been made to the partner and party system, the spawns, vehicles, weapons, heroes, and villains

EA Expects to Sell a Ton of Copies

EA expects to ship a staggering 13 million units in the game's first fiscal year, which ends on March 2016.

Hot damn! That's a lot of Ewoks!

It Won't Borrow a Single System From Battlefield, and We Compare Them Even

DICE assures fans that Battlefront won't be a carbon copy or re-skin of its Battlefield franchise. According to DICE, not even a single system from its military FPS.

We covered the two games in one of our Versus videos which you can watch above.

It Will Focus on the Original Trilogy

Don't expect Jar Jar Binks (thankfully) or any from the new trilogy.

Full story here.

AT-ATs Are on Rails and DICE Explains Why

Those big AT-ATs can't be driven like a vehicle but will instead travel a pre-determined path.

According to DICE, letting them be driven will be "game-breaking."

There's No Server Browser

Unfortunately, Battlefront won't feature a server browser and will instead rely on skill based matchmaking.

It Won't Have Micro-Transactions!

Here's a breath of fresh air; Star Wars Battlefront won't implement any micro-transaction model of any kind.

Know of those charged Star Cards? To charge it, you need to pick up charges in-game, and buying some won't be an option.

Full Battlefront Trophy List

Yep, it's mostly multiplayer-centric as expected.

Check out the full Trophy list here.

Don't Count on Mouse and Keyboard Support

While DICE says it's "not able to confirm" if the PS4 version will support mouse and keyboard, I wouldn't bet on it. If it was implemented, we'd have definitely have heard about it now.

Use Your Own Chat Solutions, No Clan and Dedicated Voice Support

Not only is there no clan support -- at least, at launch anyway -- but there's no dedicated chat either. Granted, most people use their console's party chat feature most of the time, but still, the option of it being there could have been nice, no?

These Are the Star Wars Battlefront PS4 Bundles, Darth Vader Controller Can Be Bought Separately

Announced in August this year is the Star Wars Battlefront PS4 bundle that not only includes a few Star Wars classic games (and Battlefront obviously), but even is Darth Vader-themed, too. Check out this trailer to see it in motion.

If you just want the Darth Vader DualShock 4 controller, Sony's selling that separately too.

And nope. there's no Xbox One Battlefront bundle. Sorry!

DICE Prioritized Graphical Fidelity Over Resolution, Will Run at 900p/60fps

DICE confirmed that it prioritized graphical fidelity over resolution. 

Battlefront will run at 900p (720p on Xbox One) but at a crisp 60 frames-per-second.

We Talked to DICE About the Development of Battlefront

We talked to DICE just this September about Battlefront. We discussed dedicated servers, Heroes and more. Read the full interview here.

Battlefront Will Have an In-Game Diorama

According to DICE, the diorama is for "real completionists." The studio revealed this little nugget to us during our exclusive chat.

Read the full story here.

Dedicated Servers Are a Go

No lagging here. DICE confirmed to us that there will be dedicated servers!

Don't Expect Classes or Squads

DICE states that people shouldn't expect classes or squads -- two staples of Battlefield -- to be in Battlefront since their will be a Partner system, and the Star Cards give enough customization options to act as its own class.

DICE Is Said to

DICE claims they've managed to get the most or max out the PS4. Yeah, we hear this for almost every game and in every gen...but could DICE finally be on to something given how sexy Battlefront looks?

DICE Explains Why Battlefront Doesn't Have a Campaign

DICE said it had to "focus" on multiplayer which is one of the main reasons why Battlefront doesn't have a full fledged single-player campaign. This wasn't decided on haphazardly, either. According to DICE, a full single-player was never in the plans.

Instead of a campaign, Battlefront will have "Missions."

Nope, It's Not Battlefront III but a Reboot

DICE General Manager Patrick Bach states that the team wanted to start over and used the good parts of the old Battlefront games to build their own version of it.

Read Bach's full statement here.

Here's the Reveal Trailer That Wowed Us All

Admit it, when you first saw the gameplay reveal trailer, you didn't believe when DICE said it was using in-game assets (we didn't either). 

But they did it, and you have to admit, Battlefront looks crazy good.

There's Playable Female Characters

Want to play as a femme fatale in Battlefront? Now you can! Not just Princess Leia, mind you, but actual female characters! Hurray for diversity in shooters -- finally!

There's a Han Solo Fridge Bundled With Battlefront, but Good Luck Finding It

Remembe that scene where Han Solo was frozen in carbonite? Well, there's a fridge where that's used as the design. It's set to come out the same day as the vanilla game, so good luck!

Check out the fridge screens and details here.

There's No Space Battles at Launch and Here's Why

Here's what studio GM Patrick Bach said on why they didn't include space battles right out of the bat (isn't "normal" air battles like in space but with a different background?).

We want players to stay in the same [environment] – we don’t want players to fly off and do something over here. It’s about the Battlefront experience, so we want to keep you in-atmosphere and fighting with the infantry.

[As a studio] we have to start somewhere. You can’t do everything at once. We want to build something that’s great for what it is, and have a holistic view on what we’re trying to achieve, rather than tossing everything in there from the start.

I'd wager, we'll see space battles in one of the expansions, no?

Check Out the Fighter Squadron Gameplay and the Millennium Falcon!

Fighter Squadron is Battlefront's air vehicles only mode. Of course, you can't have that without the Millenium Falcon making an appearance. Check the details and the gameplay showcasing Solo's iconic ship here.

Star Wars Battlefront will be available on November 17 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Watch for our Battlefront PS4 live-stream happening soon.

Are you picking up Star Wars Battlefront?

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