Final Fantasy XII HD Coming to PS4 as “The Zodiac Age”

Heath Hindman

Square Enix’s Japanese YouTube account has just posted the above video, confirming that Final Fanatsy XII HD will be coming to the PlayStation 4. It has no release date, but “2017” was shown at the end of the video.

Want to know what you can probably look forward to in this version? Good news, I wrote about that shit when I detailed the “Zodiac Job System” changes right here:

Double Speed Option

With the touch of a button, you can run and fight at twice the speed. That's a player-friendly quality of life update right there. There's also a New Game + and New Game -, the latter of which allows you to play without the characters gaining experience. Hard core modes for hard core players.

Job Classes

The name "Zodiac Job System" isn't just another case of a Japanese game having a word salad title. It's a direct reference to the biggest change from vanilla Final Fantasy XII.

(Screenshot from a PC emulation using an English patch. FFXII International: Zodiac Job System is officially only in Japanese. The re-release added English voices, but not text.)

Job Classes (continued)

These job class choices are permanent -- you pick when you get the character, there can only be a max of one character per job class, and there is no going back. Each job has its own custom license board with unique abilities and progression possibilities. This leads to...

Better License Boards

In regular FFXII, you could see what was right next to an opened space on the license board, but in ZJS, you can see what every space on the board will become, meaning you can plan further in advance where you'd like to take your character development.

Control Guest Characters

New to this version, you can control guest characters -- even make them your leader if you want to. You can edit their gambits, so they're not acting in their own pre-programmed ways, but doing what you would do. Oh, speaking of Gambits...

New Gambits, and All Unlocked Quick

All Gambits become available for purchase at once, fairly early in the story, whereas they came much more gradually in vanilla XII. As well, there are 16 new gambits to make your team more customized than before.

Control summons

You can take control of summoned monsters now.

Final Fantasy XII International: Zodiac Job System

The original PS2 box art.

This game was only released in Japan. Other Square Enix remasters have used the updated versions every time there's been one to draw from, so I predict this time will be no different.

Your Own Adventure

With added Gambits and the job system, your playthrough is much more your own than in the regular edition of the game. Want Fran to shoot guns? Sure. Think Vaan is more suited to a White Mage than a Knight? Go for it.

Dat Job System

I asked a game shop to give me a poster with this picture, but FFXII Int: ZJS was still new at the time, so they wouldn't give it up. This is just here because I like the image.

Mind, not all of those might apply to this one, but it’d be very surprising if most of that doesn’t hold up. I expect basically Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Job System with a PS4-level HD treatment. Also note that the screenshots in that little slideshow above are from a feature I wrote last summer when FFXII HD was first leaked, and that most of the screenshots are from emulated PC versions that various users posted.

Unlike the other offline PS2 Final Fantasy games FFX and FFX-2, it currently looks as though FFXII will be skipping the Vita because fuck the Vita. Only the PS4 logo was shown at the end of this trailer.

Thanks go out to reader Aaron for the tip.

Quick Addition: A post on the PlayStation Blog has confirmed that the changes I mention in the gallery/slideshow above are in this game, plus auto-save and reduced load times, among a few other things. They also shared these three screenshots:

Screenshot (Click to embiggen)more
Another screenshotmore
Also a screenshotmore
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