505 Games Teams With OlliOlli Developer Roll7 on a Multiplayer-Focused Game for Console & PC

July 7, 2016Written by Jason Dunning


Publisher 505 Games announced today that they’ve signed a one-game development deal with Roll7, developers of OlliOlli and Not a Hero.

Due out in 2017, and currently in pre-production, the unannounced game will be a brand new concept that’s “a complete departure for the studio.” It will be available for consoles and PC, online multiplayer-focused, built in Unreal Engine, and “tap into one of the biggest current gaming trends.”

505 Games President Ian Howe said:

We have been impressed with Roll7’s work for a long time and have admired what they’ve accomplished under their own steam. We jumped at the chance to support them when they were looking to take the next step up with their most ambitious project to date.

Roll7 Director Simon Bennett added:

We have been impressed with 505’s approach to signing our next IP, they have been flexible, open and professional throughout the process. Our newly expanded team are excited and raring to move into full production in the next couple of months.


Bennett also told MCV that “the ambition for our new project far outclasses our previous ones,” and “we’re not looking to do another OlliOlli – this is much bigger.”

What do you think Roll7’s new game will be?