Mansion Map Available as Free Umbrella Corps DLC

July 7, 2016Written by Keri Honea

Umbrella Corps Mansion Map DLC

Capcom has announced free DLC available for Umbrella Corps, their multiplayer shooter set in the Resident Evil universe. It’s a new map, the Mansion, and it’s part of an update rolling out today for the game.

Umbrella Corps takes place in 2015, two years after Resident Evil 6 and twelve years after the Umbrella Corporation collapsed in 2003. The company may be gone, but the buildings themselves have plenty of valuable viral BOW research that must be contained. Several competing corporations want that research for themselves for their own bio-technology. As such, they’ve sent in their own mercenaries to dive into the abandoned buildings, face zombies, and take any research they find for themselves. If the opposing companies’ mercenaries happen to get in the line of fire, well, that’s just unfortunate for them.

While their Twitter announcement didn’t specifically say what exactly the Umbrella Corps DLC map represents, many have guessed that it’s the Spencer Mansion, a staple in the Resident Evil universe.

The trailer below shows a bit of the Mansion map in action.

Umbrella Corps released for PlayStation 4 on June 28, 2016.

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