Battlefield 1 FOV Slider on Consoles, No Longer Limited to 70 Degrees Horizontal

July 9, 2016Written by Mack Ashworth

Battlefield 1 555x328 03

With the NDA having lifted and Battlefield 1 video coverage now pouring in across YouTube and Twitch, those lucky enough to have been selected to play in the closed alpha are wasting no time in showing off every new feature found in DICE’s latest Battlefield title. 

One pretty major addition to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions is the FOV slider. This option can be found in the game’s menu and tweaked to provide a more narrow, or wider, field of view. The setting sits at a default of 55 (Hor+ 70) and can be increased to a maximum of 105 (Hor+ 120). 

We’d recommend trying out 74 (Hor+ 90), which is the sweet spot for many.

 Battlefield 1 FOV Slider

Below you can see how the default FOV looks, followed by the maximum available FOV. It’s clear that much, much more can be seen with the FOV cranked all the way up, meaning players are more likely to spot enemies that would otherwise remain offscreen and hidden. What’s more, a wider FOV can help prevent headaches and sickness often attributed to playing at severely narrow FOVs on a smaller screen. 

Default FOV 55 (Hor+ 70):

Battlefield 1 FOV 70

Maximum FOV 105 (Hor+ 120):

Battlefield 1 FOV 120

Happy to finally see an FOV slider included in the console versions of Battlefield? Will you be using this feature?

You can see more PS4 closed alpha gameplay here. Also, if you’re not afraid of spoilers, you can get caught up on the details leaked from the Battlefield 1 alpha files. Finally, you can peruse our interview with Dan Berlin, Lead Level Designer at DICE for more juicy BF1 details. 

[Source: IzzyGoneCrazy YouTube]