Dungeon Punks Launches on July 26 for PS4 & Xbox One, August 16 for PS Vita

July 13, 2016Written by Jason Dunning

A tag-team brawler RPG, Dungeon Punks from Hyper Awesome Entertainment is releasing on July 26 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, August 16 for PlayStation Vita, and this summer for PC. Priced at $14.99, it will include cross-buy on PS4 and PS Vita.

Offering one to three player local co-op, and a tag-team combat system that lets you play as two characters and chain combos, Dungeon Punks includes 12 levels where you’ll fight bosses, collect loot, and fight with your friends over who gets to ride the laser-blasting unicorn. You’ll also find upgradeable moves, hidden power-ups and mounts, and rare equipment.

Here’s the full description:

Dungeon Punks is a multiplayer arcade style brawler and role-playing game with a unique tag-team fighting system, set in a fantasy world of magic, mystery, and corporate greed. Recruit a crew of six mutant heroes who will blast your enemies senseless with their crazy magical spells and combo attacks. Real-time party play allows you to take control of any of the heroes fighting alongside you at any time. And even better, you can have a buddy or two tap in and join you on your adventure! The action is fast, the spells are furious, and total mayhem is bound to break loose every time you play.

  • Old-school arcade brawler fun with modern RPG mechanics
  • Unleash mayhem by casting a wide variety of magical spells and team attacks
  • Tag-team combat system lets you play as two characters, each with unique moves and equipment
  • Work together to survive as a team with up to three-player cooperative play
  • Unlock, customize and master each character’s unique set of attacks
  • Wield many rare and magical weapons
  • Discover hidden power-up items, from enchantment elixirs to dragon summoning scrolls
  • Explore the vast world and meet each location’s unusual inhabitants
  • Go off the beaten track to accomplish missions for friends you meet along the way
  • Defeat and ride powerful creatures like saber tooth cats, gorillas, and unicorns
  • Highly interactive environment that lets you rain destruction on your foes (Maybe light a few dryads on fire, throw a bomb into the mix, and see what happens…)
  • Enjoy the darkly humorous storyline as you navigate a world of medieval fantasy where magic has taken the place of technology and the resurrection insurance industry has run amok!

Answering a question about PlayStation TV support for the Vita version, Hyper Awesome said, “Yes it will be PSTV compatible, and you can even hook up 3 controllers for #multiplayer!”

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