Street Fighter V Juri DLC Expected to Arrive in Late July

July 18, 2016Written by Michael Briers


Publisher Capcom has confirmed Juri to be the next Street Fighter V DLC character, with the newcomer expected to join the brawler’s roster before the month is out. 

News emerged during this weekend’s Evo 2016 fighting tournament, where Shoryuken relayed a livestream with SFV Producer Yoshinori Ono. No exact date was disclosed at this time, though fans can have a peek at Juri in action via Street Fighter V‘s cinematic story mode.

In related news, players have taken issue with the Capcom Pro Tour DLC. Officially unveiled late last week, the special content pack bundles together a themed stage — Ring of Destiny — along with alternate costumes for both Chun-Li and Cammy. Available as a set for $25, fans have deemed the add-on to be nothing short of a rip-off. And that’s even when you factor in the caveat that a portion of proceedings go toward the Pro Tour prize pool. 

What do our readers make of Juri being the next addition to Street Fighter V‘s character roster? 

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