Overwatch Ana Update in Testing for PS4 & Xbox One, Progress Loss on PS4 Corrected

July 21, 2016Written by Jason Dunning

Saying it only affected a “small number of account profiles,” Blizzard has announced that the corruption bug on PlayStation 4 causing problems with players’ settings, levels, stats, credits, competitive points, and skill rating has been corrected:

While the source of the issue was quickly identified and corrected, it took us a bit longer to develop a process to recover the corrupted data. As of today, however, we’ve completed a restoration of credits, levels, and competitive points on the accounts we could see were impacted.

However, because they’re more difficult, Skill Ratings can’t be repaired in the same way. So, instead of giving you an incorrectly restored Skill Rating, the “matchmaking system will use the player data that’s been collected since the failure to calibrate your new rating.” They add, “Anyone who has not played since their account was affected will simply need to replay their placement matches. This will give our matchmaking system the information it needs to pair you with similarly skilled players.”

Although they can’t guarantee everything’s been restored back to normal, Blizzard says they’ve “done our best to get back as much as possible using the tools we have available.” For the future, they’re improving their restoration processes and reducing the chances something like this will happen again.

Meanwhile, when asked about the Ana update for PS4 and Xbox One, Game Director Jeff Kaplan revealed that patch 1.10 is currently in testing with both Sony and Microsoft. Since they have a great relationship with both companies, Blizzard is “very hopeful that the 1.1.0 patch will get through certification quickly and then be patched to you ASAP.”

Released earlier this week on PC, Overwatch update 1.10 adds Ana, balances heroes, fixes bugs, and more. You can see the full list of patch notes over here, with Blizzard adding, “Please note that many of these changes will be implemented on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in an upcoming patch.”

Also, if you’ve noticed that you can’t see your items from Loot Boxes in your Hero Gallery, Blizzard is working on a fix.

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