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Report: GTA Online Biker DLC May Be on the Way

July 22, 2016Written by Keri Honea

GTA Online Biker DLC

One of the most requested DLC from fans regarding Grand Theft Auto Online has been for official biker DLC. It looks like that wish will be coming true.

After the latest Cunning Stunts update to GTA Online, user known as TezFunz2 data-mined the code and picked up on a few biker scripts added to the code post-update.







According to TezFunz2, “gb” refers to past CEO and VIP missions in GTA Online, where those players can order others to run jobs for them. These scripts suggest that VIPs will eventually run biker gangs consisting of other players, complete with initiation rituals and jousting.

The “am_mp_personal_mod_garage” hints that players will be able to buy a new garage, which they will need for all those new bikes.

In other words, it looks like GTA Online Biker DLC for CEOs and VIPs.

Why listen to TezFunz2? His predictions from data-mined scripts have been correct every time. He broke the leak for the Lowriders update, the Rhino Hunt, and the Halloween updates.

Grand Theft Auto V already has some missions involving biker gangs, but this DLC appears to give GTA Online players a chance to form their own unique gangs. Rockstar has not commented on these scripts at this time.

[Source: VG247]